Formally introduced in fall 2012, the OU Honors College’s “Don Quijote” publishes the fruits of a sort of extracurricular curriculum followed by willing students. For each weekly issue, students read a chapter of Feynman’s physics lectures, a Shakespeare play, a section of Edith Hamilton’s Greek Way or Roman Way, or listen to one of Mozart’s compositions, then write an essay on the material. We have since expanded to include essays on great books and poetry. DQ publishes these essays with the hope of stimulating intellectual discussion amongst OU Honors students and to provide curricular structure for students interested in thinking and engaging in classic works outside their classes.

Try as we might to produce content for our readers and to help engage student writers in classic material, the discussion stops at publication unless our readers also engage. In light of this, we encourage all our readers to comment on essays they like, disagree with, or have questions about.


  1. John Vater · · Reply

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hi, my name is John Vater. I admire the intellectual aim of this newsletter, and was wondering whether I might be able to contribute? I am Oklahoma City born and raised, but am not a student at the University of Oklahoma. I graduated this year from the University of Virginia. I am an avid reader, however, and would love to contribute to Oklahoma University’s public discussion of the humanities, sciences, and the arts. Please let me know if there are any existing opportunities to write.

    Thank you,

    John Vater

    1. Hey John,

      Could you send me an email at donqhonors@gmail.com and I’d be happy to discuss contributing with you.




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