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The White and Yellowed Spaces – Javen Weston

I love used books for many reasons, one being that I much prefer a slightly tattered hardcover to a crisp paperback fresh from the publisher. A substantial hardcover lays wonderfully flat on its side when closed, unlike paperbacks, which have the tendency to rest open-mouthed, as if in silent shock that they are not currently […]

Drake’s Self-Definition in “Nothing Was The Same” – Kunal Naik

Wanted to tell you accept yourself You don’t have to prove shit to no one except yourself Drake is a performer. Watch any interview and it becomes clear from the second he steps on stage that he is in control of the room and directs the flow of the conversation while charming the audience so it’s […]

On the Retirement of Hayao Miyazaki – Ben Clark

It is a misunderstood culture. You will never find a more wretched hive of body odor and social awkwardness than at the conventions. The clubs are the toddler-fenced play space for would-be autocrats. Every fan seems to be wearing a garish costume and haphazardly tossing foreign words into his speech (fitting the pronoun, the fans […]